Questions & Answers About Tanning:


Q)...Why tan and is tanning harmful?

A) Light is essential to all life on earth. Scientific research is showing that 10 - 15 minutes of sunlight per day is necessary for people to function effectively. Light exposure has many health benefits, including production of Vitamin D, decreased risks of breast and colon cancer, and reduced risk of sunburn. Plus, people who are exposed to bright light feel happier, and prevents depression.

Q)...Why indoor tanning?

A) Indoor tanning eliminates the "guesswork" of tanning outdoors and is easy, convenient and private. Our tanning consultants assist you by reminding you to wear protective eyewear, encouraging and recommending lotions before and after tanning and helping you avoid over-exposure.

Q)...Is indoor tanning the same as tanning outside?

A) Your skin produces a tan the same way in an indoor tanning salon as it does when you lay out in the sun.. However, you cannot control the amount of UV light exposure outdoors and trying to achieve an all-over even-body tan is very difficult. Tanning beds allows you to control the amount of UV light, for all all-over even tan, and allows you to tan gradually, eliminating any sunburn.

Q)...How long is my first tanning session?

A) Your first session length will depend upon your skin tone and type. Our tanning consultants will ask you for information and assist you choosing a tanning session that is right for you.

Q)...Should I use a "specially designed" tanning lotion?

A) YES! Specially formulated tanning lotions are jamed-packed and enriched with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients to help get you tan FAST and replenish your skin, to help acheive a healthier-looking and longer lasting tan.

Q)...How long does it take to get a tan?

A) You'll notice results after your very first tanning session. To build a base tan most people need 4-5 sessions (with in a 10 day period) depending on your skin type to get the color you desire. If you need an instant tan you should consider our UV-Free Mystic Spray Tan. If you are going on vacation we recommend you begin your tanning two weeks prior to your trip.

Q)...Do I have to wear eye protection?

A) Eyewear protection is required by law. Approved eye protection is required to ensure you won't have any ill effects such as reduced color vision or night blindness. 

Q)...What can I do to help my tan last longer?

A) MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! Using a high quality moisturizer will help replenish vitamins and nutrients, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking while helping you maintain that deep dark tan you love. 

Q)...Can anybody tan?

A) Skin type 1 cannot tan, but anyone can get a gorgeous golden-tan look with our Mystic UV-Free Spray-on Tan process. Our tanning consultants can help you determine the type of tanning best suited to your skin type.

Q)...I am on medications. Can I tan safely?

A) Depending upon the types of medications, some will cause photosensitivity, and you should avoid tanning in the tanning beds. However, our Mystic Tan allows you to get a sunless tan. Always check with your medical doctors prior to tanning.

Q)...Will tanning effect my tattoo?

A) YES! Tattoos should be covered with a strong sun block as UV light can cause colors to fade. Tattoo sticks are available for purchase at our salons. Tattoo sticks are perfect for preserving the life of your tattoo and contains SPF 30... Ask a salon consultant for details on this product.

Q)...What is a tanning plateau?

A) Some people after tanning for a while will reach a point were they hit what is commonly known as a "tanning plateau" where the skin seems to not get any darker.  The tanning plateau can be over come by using a range of tanning equipment varying in UVA/UVB out put to stimulate different levels in the skins layers.  For some tanners this may even mean stepping down a level for a few sessions to see the desired results.  Most importantly make sure you use a high quality Designer Skin lotion!!!

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